Monday, 14 March 2011

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Evaluation Task 7

7. Looking back to your preliminary task, what do you feel that you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? 
Whilst planning for our preliminary task we didn't think about all the various elements to the storyline and the continuity of many shots. This was because we did not look at different genres or make a decent plan. This changed however when we began planning for our Thriller Opening sequence, ideas were passed around for about a week and in the end we came up with one storyline. Luckily we all had similar ideas so it wasn't too difficult to put together the story-line, another point was that little research about the genre was required because all the members of the group were aware of what a Thriller movie should look like, they were also quite in-tuned with man-on-the-run thrillers. 
Once the storyline was done we began to work on the script, this didn't take very long as there wasn't much dialogue in the sequence apart from the short exchange between the Boss and the henchman. Then came the storyboard process, this took more time as we had to decide where each scene would take place, how to introduce the characters and how the sequence would end. Altogether the making of the storyboard took around 2 hours, after this there were some changes made but these were very minor, such as changing the type of shot. 

After the preliminary task we were all aware of what we needed to do for our Thriller product. We found that the main problem in the continuity task was the continuity, in order to prevent this from happening again every member of the group kept in mind that we had to have excellent continuity in our sequence. Whilst filming the sequence we used a much wider range of shots compared to the preliminary task which mostly consisted of POV shots (point of veiw) and mid shots. In the Thriller sequence we used one POV shot but this was more effect as we used it in the right way. 


In terms of use of equipment we felt more confident, especially with the use of Final Cut Express, we discovered how to use many new effects which included chopping footage, overlapping audio, fading in titles and more. We also managed to make to make our own production title which was called "Shatter Production", this included have a glass smash and then the title zoom in. 

In the end I feel has though I have learnt many skills that I can use in other projects that will be given. In terms of the task I feel as though we completed it successfully and we managed to create an amazing thriller sequence. As a group we worked very hard with the planning, editing and actual footage which was shown in the final cut of the movie Evasion.                 

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